Your Future in the Akashic Records

“Does the Akashic Records tell the future, too?” This is one of the most common questions about the Akashic Records. Gee, don’t we want to know about our future? Our destiny? If there is a destiny? And then, some of us hate to think we have a destiny.

Well, the Akashic Records do have the part about the future. All the possibilities already exist there. However, the future doesn’t exist in the way most people tend to think it does.

Those who want to know about their future ask questions like, “Will I meet my life partner / soulmate? If so, when and where will I meet him?” They expect answers like, “You will meet him at your friend’s birthday party next March.”

The future doesn’t exist this way.

Destiny points in the Akashic Records
Life is like a computer simulation game. Depending on your thoughts and the actions you take based on your thoughts, the scenes of the game change continuously. What is possible and impossible in the game is already determined, however. There are gazilions of possibilities, which feel like endless to us, but all the possible scenes of the game are already built in the game when it was developed.

The critical difference is that, with the real life game, you designed it yourself. Prior to birth, you, as a soul, made the plan of your life. At this point, you determined several points that you don’t want to miss — let’s call this your “destiny points” — and also other events that you might choose to experience if the circumstances seem favorable for it.

Each person has different types of destiny points. For some, marriage is one of the destiny points. For others, marriage is optional, but having a certain number of children is a destiny point. For yet others, their destiny points may be about living in a certain city or doing a certain work.

The length of life is also a destiny point . . . but I guess we don’t want to discuss this.

The number of destiny points are rather few. In other words, life is built to be quite flexible. Again, it depends on each person, but usually we have five to six destiny points that we absolutely are up to.

Further, even with destiny points, the timing, the location, and other details are flexible. For example, even when a person has the destiny to have one child, when and with whom she may have the child is not determined.

And for all other things in life, it’s all up to your free will.

Problems of learning about the future
So, to the question “Will I meet my life partner?”, there can be two answers in the Akashic Records:

  • “Yes. You decide who that will be.”
  • “We don’t know. It’s up to your free will and actions.”

Now we know neither is the kind of answer the questioner is expecting.

The fundamental problem of this type of question is that the questioner thinks the future exists unrelated to their will, that they think someone else (maybe God?) dictates the future and they just have to follow it. This is a very disempowered mindset.

Until you empower yourself to create your life, the information about your future in the Akashic Records bring no benefit to you, even the knowledge about your destiny points. This is why I don’t discuss the future in the first profile reading of my Akashic Record Reading. It’s more essential to find out why you are in that disempowered state, if there are any energetic blocks and interferences, and if so, how we can clear them.

When you really understand the power of your free will, you would have very few questions about your future. Ironically, that is when you can utilize the information about your future.

In the next article, I want to write about the near future. In life, as in the computer simulation game, the further the future point is, the more free will are involved, and the harder it is to make a solid prediction. However, with near future, I sometimes receive information about my clients when I do the follow up readings or Spirit Guides Coaching.

Sometimes I share it with the client, and sometimes I don’t. . .


4 thoughts on “Your Future in the Akashic Records

  1. Oh if that isn’t the hardest lesson to learn!! I am CEO of this team. I think when it comes down to it my problem is that I just don’t think that I am capable. I’d almost prefer to be a puppet because I have more faith in the Universe than I do myself. I think I’ll “make a mistake”.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Oh, but you’ve been reading my Real Life Spirituality blog… that is all about empowering you ^_^

    Well, I know it’s difficult. Especially when other people are watching or involved, or both. But you never really make a mistake — it’s a cliche, but it’s all a learning process.

  3. This is true!! Your Real Life Spirituality blog is a great reminder!! I keep finding more and more that the path to a closer relationship with my creator is to create a closer relationship with myself :-)

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